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Two banners and an appeal

For Overseas Save Chinese Children Foundation (OSCCF).



I've been suddenly drafted as a volunteer graphic designer for OSCCF.

Yes, I know, you're rolling on the floor with laughter now. That's not a problem at all. Take your time, please.

OSCCF is a U. S. registered non-profit organization, the main goal of which is to raise medical funds for poor, orphaned, and abandoned kids in China with serious medical conditions. The fund raised is passed on to volunteers in China, who do most of the actual legwork: foster care, arranging for hospital stays, etc. OSCCF still a fairly new and small organization, and is entirely run by volunteers, so it has almost no overhead cost. It's helped kids with medical conditions such as congenital heart disease, spina bifida, hydrosephalus, severe burns, epilepsy, cleft palate, and so on. A lot of these children would have died without such help.

OSCCF is currently participating in America's Giving Challenge on Facebook, which is a fundraising competition for non-profit organizations. Each day, the three organizations with the top number of donors win additional prizes of $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively. Over the entire challenge (which ends at 3PM US Eastern Time, November 6), the organization with the largest number of donors will win $50,000 for its cause. The number two and three organizations will receive $25,000 each, and the numbers 4 to 12 organizations will receive $10,000 each. For OSCCF, a top daily prize is approximately what it takes to have a life-saving operation for a child with congeninal heart disease or hydrocephalus. A top overall competition prize can save the lives of dozens of kids. It is--quite literally--a matter of life and death.

So please, if you can possibly help, donate 10 USD to OSCCF in America's Giving Challenge here:
(Click the green "Donate" button.) I'd be personally and tremendously grateful.

In case you can help, just a few things I need to mention:

1. You do NOT need a Facebook account to donate. Nor do you need to live in the U. S.

2. The challenge counts the number of different donors per day, not the dollar amount raised. So if you can possibly donate more than $10, please consider two separate donations on two days. In other words, if you donate $20, it would be most helpful to donate just $10, then another $10 the next day. This way, both will count toward OSCCF's total number of donors.

3. The definition of "day" is 3PM to 3PM US Eastern time. So a donation in the evening, then another the next morning will only count once, as they are part of the same day. But a donation at US Eastern 2PM, then another at 4PM, would count as 2 donations, as they belong to different days.

Thank you so, so very much!

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